I’ve added a few extras to my usual round up, as we were graced with a very precious presence at this year’s Grammys. 

Camila Cabello looked like an absolute princess in this gown. 

Elegant and classic I liked this look on her very much. What a way to depart from a group to only bloom into a beautiful flower. 

Then came two statuesque women, who’s dresses were sure showstoppers at this year’s event. Mainly as most of us just pondered how one can fit like a glove! 

Miss Demi Lovato 

And Miss Twitter fingers Chrissy Tiegen 

And just as we thought it was the end of the red carpet fashion fuss, arrives fashionably late, miss Badassery herself, Rihanna. 

My pick for fav, she’s had her fashion misses but this one I really liked. I like when she blends her own take on princess and crosses it with her edgy sex appeal. 

But the award for best dressed goes to my fav human of all time: Miss Blue Ivy 

And who can forget her tailored Gucci suit!

Yes, I said tailored for a 8 year old 


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